Camp and the Hot Summer Time..

Anna has been at Camp Briarwood as a camper all last week.
We missed her terribly but our missing her was made easier by the fact that we all
know how much she LOVES being at camp.  This is her very last year to be able to
When we went down to pick her up on Saturday, the camp staff came to us and asked
if she could return the next week to serve as a "counselor in training".   They just really
praised her maturity.  Of course, she was so very excited!
So, now we are missing her yet again!!

I don't know who misses her the most...but it may very well be, Jake!  He REALLY
loves having Anna around!

We have a date!!!  MARCH 12, 2011

Sarah and John have set a wedding date.

They had thought about November, but so many things began to point to March.
I think this will be absolutely perfect!

So....let the planning begin!!

We met with a photographer on Sunday.  We absolutely LOVE her work and would love for her to be THE ONE.  But we will meet with a couple of others to just make sure.

I think the reality of the wedding (and the cost of it) is starting to set in with Mark :-)

We have also taken my wedding dress to a seamstress to see about having some changes made to it.  I am so honored that Sarah would even consider it.  I am praying that it will turn out exactly how she envisions it!


Also trying to get Kathryn ready to move to school.  We spent the whole day yesterday shopping for dorm and just college in general.  At one point, Kathryn finally stated, "okay we are done now, I am about to be in a bad mood, I have had more than enough shopping for one day!"  haha! I love that girl!!


Mark is working very hard this summer.  Taking 3 classes and basically working 2 jobs.
He has really developed into such a hard worker.  He seems to enjoy hard work and that wonderful exhausted feeling you have when you are done.  I am so proud of him.


I can't believe it .... but Jake actually had football practice last night.  Ugh!!! Can it really be that time already??  It was so very hot but he absolutely loved it!


Busy week as we move Sarah to Prattville on Friday :-)  So many emotions swirling around in my head.

Camp Briarwood