Racetracks and Rental Trucks...

Jake, Kathryn and Sarah...ready to race!

Jake had been desperately wanting to go to the new Treetop Family Center that recently opened near us.
He had been stuck at home all week with me while Anna was at camp and the older kids were at work.
So Dad decided that it was time for a night out.
Mark jr. was at class and Anna was still at camp.
It was a great night and fun for all!

Then on Friday, we moved Sarah to her new Apt. in Prattville.  So sad for us, but wonderful excited time for her.
She is certainly ready for this.  She will be such a great 3rd grade teacher.  Those kids are so blessed to have her.
It was definitely the HOTTEST day of the year and her apt is on the 3rd floor!  We certainly got our exercise!