Off to college...

in the blink of an eye.

It still doesn't feel like reality yet.

Somehow I am sure that when Basketball season starts
you will be right out there on the court where you belong.

And I am almost certain that I will fall asleep to the fan on
up in your room tonight.

Jake really missed you in church today: no one was hugging on him, 
holding his hand, and writing him little notes.

Well, enough of the sad stuff...
you are now a College Girl!!
This is just exactly the way God planned it.
(not sure if Auburn was in the plan, but we are learning to live with it!)

College is such a wonderful time...spreading those wings that have been all cooped up for months now!

*Just remember that Dad and I love you so much
*God loves you even more
*You are valuable b/c you belong to HIM
(not b/c of your friends, your major, or anything else)
*laugh alot
*sleep enough
*spend time in prayer/God's word...everyday
*Make lots of friends but especially BE a friend
*in a town of 20,000 of your peers it is still possible to feel lonely at times...and this is Okay
*your actions ALWAYs speak louder than your words
*show others Jesus through your actions
*make a habit of not eating late at night
*ALWAYS go to class, even if you don't want to
*get to know your teachers (this always benefits you)
*go home with friends
*bring friends home with you
*look for opportunities to serve others
*get involved on campus
*you will have to study more than you think you will
*eat some veggies, occasionally
*never go to class in pajamas
*don't gossip...ever
*stay up late and laugh with friends
*do something nice for your room mate
*listen more than you talk
*always do the right thing...even if it's not popular
*write to your grandparents
*don't come home every weekend
*leave a sweet note on someone's door
*encourage a friend
*call home a lot!
*know that I pray for you EVERY day

I know you will succeed at whatever you attempt
and I love you so much

"In ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths"