Rush and school time...

Rush Week for Kathryn was the week
before classes started.
It is always a busy, fun, exhausting time.
A once in a lifetime experience.
Also an experience you only want to have once!
It was stressful for Kathryn and she is about the most
laid back person I know.
After passing out the very first day (and again on the next
to last day) ...
She had a great week!
We now have our 4th Phi Mu sorority member in the family.
My sister and I were both Phi Mus...
and now so are Sarah and Kathryn.
Mark jr had to work and Sarah was taking a much
needed rest from her first week of teaching.
But the rest of us headed down for bid day.
It has been a SUPER hot summer around here.
Bid day was no exception.
Although we were blessed with a cloudy day.
It rained on our way there, AND on our way home.
But the rain held off right when we needed it to!
After the girls opened their bids, they were to run
up to their Sorority dorms.
Kathryn was in a sea of about 1200 girls...
but here she is showing us where she's headed :)
So proud of her!
Showing some "sister" love!

The night before we went to see Kathryn in Auburn, Mark jr moved
into a new house at Alabama.
He and his room mate, Patrick, found a great little house 
that is so close to campus.
First of many Taco Bell dinners in their house!

Then on Monday we started school at Home again.
It was really a great week.
Jake is taking History, Literature and Science  
at Church.
Anna is taking Art and Bible.
The rest we do at home.
I think we are all enjoying it so much because
we have done this before.
AND we are NOT spending 2 or more hours a day
in the car.
This year is turning out to be so different than any
we have ever had before.
I guess it is just due to the fact that so many of
the kids are not here.


  1. Dana, your kids are beautiful! and sounds like your days are full and flowing in lots of different directions...

    the start of school always takes me awhile to get used to. guess I'd kinda like summer to just keep going and going. :)

    blessings on all you're doing there.

    love, a.


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