thunderstorms and swimming in circles...

After 2 weeks of temperatures at or above 100 degrees, we are all
a little stir-crazy from being inside so much!

The only relief has come in the form of a brief rainstorm nearly every
afternoon.  It doesn't really drop the temperatures too much, but it does
give the plants (and people) a brief cool-down.

One afternoon I decided to brave the heat and go out on the porch to read and listen to the storm roll in.

This is most likely my favorite place in our whole house....
----early in the morning
----during a rainstorm
----and on Sunday afternoons

It is certainly a good shelter from the storm...
in more ways than the obvious.

I often have my quiet time here, so it has become a sweet and
refreshing place for me.   I know that God meets me where ever I am
but I feel especially close to Him out here...I guess that's just because
this is where I am most often in His Word.

This got me to thinking about "storms" and "shelter".

Storms come everyday.  The important thing is where we run for shelter.  We are always taught "where to go in case of a weather emergency"....every school child knows to go to the lowest floor, in the center of the building.  We would never stand out in the open, unprotected during a tornado.

But...if we are not DAILY hiding ourselves in God's word, finding protection under His care...then we are essentially standing in the middle of an open field as a huge tornado rages all around.

Psa. 18:30 "As for God, His way is perfect;
the word of the Lord is flawless,
He is a shield 
for all who take refuge in Him.

I pray that I will always take refuge in Him and not in ANYTHING else.

One morning last week, I was home alone and all was quiet.
All of a sudden, I heard a very LOUD commotion going on outside.
Looked down at the lake and saw Sadie and Missy chasing (swimming)
after a flock of geese.
The geese were squawking and carrying on like they were in trouble...

The dogs were swimming their little hearts out...truly believing that they
could catch these birds.

I don't know why the birds were in such distress...all that they had to do was this....

EVERYTIME the dogs got close...the birds just flew OVER them and 
got away.  They had those poor dogs swimming in circles all over the

Believe me, I can relate!!  Most days, I feel like I am just swimming in circles chasing things that I can't catch....:-)

Jake has been sick all week...some sort of stomach bug I guess.
Today is one week, so off to the doctor we go.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
those cute freckles!!

Anna is playing volleyball this year.  Davy and Kelly are coaching.
They had their first scrimmage yesterday.  They had a blast and even
won a game!  You can't tell from the picture, but this was an unairconditioned gym!!  It was 99 degrees out side and about twice that
inside!! Gotta love Alabama summers...

My favorite picture of the day!!!!  Graham was standing at the gym door
wanting SO badly to go outside and play with the big kids :-)  Love that little boy!

Wedding update:
This week we nailed down the photographer!  Emily Kicklighter was a favorite choice from the very first time that we saw her work.  So happy that she was available. (and that Dad said yes!)

Also mailed in the deposit for the church.  We will know on Sept 12, if we will have Altadena for sure.  Trusting that if this is the right place, God will work it all out :-)

Waiting for a "call back" from the seamstress.  Can't wait to see the dress!