Date night

Date night used to be so involved...
get a sitter
clean up the house
fix dinner for the kids/sitter
write out instructions for the sitter
leave at least one kid crying
find something for us to do that didn't cost a fortune

but not anymore....

with just these two sweeties at home
Date nights are much easier!

We have a new favorite Date Night!

On Wednesdays, these two go to Youth Group at Church
for two whole hours we have Date Night.
No sitter involved
No dinner for the kids

We don't even have to go anywhere.
Our favorite place is home
So that's what we do

Last night, Mark showed up with flowers
and a yummy take out!

Possibly one of my favorite Date nights ever!

I definitely plan to remember this 
when my kids have kids...
insist on taking their kids for a couple of hours

Date Night at home is such a treat :)