The leaves may not be changing yet
but you can definitely tell a different season has arrived...
football season....
yep, around here football season ranks right up there
with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!
We also got a little taste of fall this week
with Cooler weather and less humidity.
It has been such a beautiful treat!

On Saturday the men invited their sons 
to the monthly Prayer breakfast at church.
Since it was the first Saturday of College football,
they all came wearing their team colors.
Dad and Jake left really early (5:45am)
to get the food ready.

Football and Volleyball games often coincide...

Sometimes (okay...lots of times) we take
a School break and go outside,
especially when the weather is great!

Oliver loves to hang out with Anna...

Jake has discovered a new sport
and this day he talked Anna into
practicing with him.
(she is such a good sport)
They are so kind to each other
which makes for a pleasant day.

These two sweethearts came home
for the weekend.
We spent so much time talking and planning
for the wedding.
which is now only 6mos away!

The kids from our church
are obsessed with
Ultimate Frisbee
(and with hanging out together)
What a blessing.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
His love endures forever."
Psa 107