The Weekend

Even though the weather doesn't show it,
other things make me know 
that fall is near...

Medaddy took Jake dove hunting 
on Saturday.
Jake absolutely LOVED it,
and even shot two dove.
I am so glad that Jake got to spend some
one on one time with my dad.
Grandparents are such a treasure.

BTW the two dove were cleaned and
grilled and eaten that same night!
Can't get much fresher than that!

Kathryn was home for the WHOLE weekend!
I think that college makes her really tired,
she did a lot of sleeping!

Jake was pretty excited that she was home.

I think that this guy may have a lot to do with
Kathryn's being home.
{I'll just pretend that she missed us too!}

The weather has been so wonderful.
It's still pretty warm but nothing
like it has been.

I am starting a new Bible Study at
church this week.
We will be looking at the book of Galatians.
Can't wait to see what God will show me.
I am glad to be getting back in to a Bible Study.
My time in the Word is so much richer when it's
shared with other believers.

I must say...
I love this guy so much!

Wedding update:
Last weekend we went for another fitting with the
wedding dress.
Can't believe that Sarah is really getting married 
in 6 months!
But seeing her in that wedding dress makes it seem so real!

Found a bridesmaid's dress that she likes online...
we just can't find it anywhere to try on.  That is the
biggest issue of the week.
We met Sarah last week and Anna tried on lots of
dresses.  Some we liked and some we definitely didn't!