Fall 2010

What do you do when your husband is out of town
and your young son needs to wear a tie to an event
....and no one at home knows how to tie the darn thing???
Big sisters get on youtube and watch the video tutorial!!
Works like a charm!!
{good job Kk!!}

Jake turned 12 and wanted to go bowling!
{Where Anna proceeded to win at everything!}

Then Jake's team ended their wonderful season playing
in the Championship game!
So, the other team was quite good,
and we came up a little short.
But what a fun season!

Sometimes sisters like to do girl things...
like go for a pedicure and lunch!

Jake had an "airsoft" party
Sis decorated his cake accordingly!!
How cute is this?!!

So blessed with wonderful friends!

There is ALWAYS a project going on around here!
With a long holiday weekend, Dad brought in
the heavy machinery!
Moving dirt and building a stone wall!


So much to be thankful for!
So many things we don't deserve...
but most of all
God's Grace!