on being wise...

Such a busy season
- trying to slow down and enjoy each day.
How do you do this?
It seems there is so much to enjoy, yet, so much to do .

"Be very careful, then, how you live---not
as unwise but as wise, making the most of every
opportunity, because the days are evil." Eph 5:15-16

Am i being wise with my time, my thoughts,
my energy?

Read this morning: "our goal, then, is not to find more time
but to use time more wisely."
I am not responsible for finding the time, but i am responsible
for how i use the time i am given.
God has given us sufficient time in each day to fulfill 
His perfect plan.
Praying for a discerning heart and mind...
to be able to discern the difference between 
HIS plan and MINE.


One afternoon Jake and I caught the sunlight shining in on our
Christmas tree.  The sun was at just the perfect angle that it
was like a spotlight just on the very top of the tree!
How cool was that? 
Really made me stop to think...
Where is my focus on Christmas?
Is it down below the tree, wrapped up in gifts and busyness?
Or all over the tree tied up in traditions?
is it on the most precious gift of all...
the gift that was spotlighted by that
special star so long ago?

Jake was so excited when his
brother and sisters started arriving
home for Christmas break!

It was a cold and cozy weekend!
We hosted a neighborhood dessert dinner
on Saturday night.  Then on Sunday we just enjoyed
the winter weather and a clean house!

a fun game of CLUE!

Funny videos on youtube!

Some December snow?? Haha!
That's about as good as it gets around here!

venturing outside to see the snow flurries!


  1. I realized I have a google account for my son's gmail, so I can comment here instead of on xanga. Yay! Your last post on xanga has too many comments from me already! LOL! Good words for me this morning. I would love advice on how not to get overwhelmed with "to do's" this time of year with a big family...can see my attitude slipping. Getting frustrated or short a little easy because of all the demands on my time..shopping for so many, home room mom demands for 2nd and 4th grade classes, and various other special events this time of year. I am really praying how to simplify and keep our Savior first but be faithfully serving as well. Love the post, good words, and enjoyed seeing the pictures!!! Jake running to give a hug to his sister was so precious! Enjoy every minute of your family being home. By the way, I have that same rug your kids are playing the game on in my family room too. I love all the colors in it! blessings! ~Deborah

  2. Thanks for theses wise words! I am really seeking the Lord how to use my time wisely. I feel a bit overwhelmed right now with all the demands. Love the pictures! They are all so good, especially the precious one of Jake running to hug his sister! Blessings to you all this Christmas season! ~Deborah
    p.s. I realized I had a google account for my son's gmail. Now I don't have to overfill your last xanga post. lol!

  3. Love that verse! It's especially important to me this season! Love how the sunlight lit up the star on your tree! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!


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