A slow week...

After a busy Thanksgiving week
Mark and Sarah left Thanksgiving night to
go to Tuscaloosa for the Ala-Aub game 
on Friday.
Saturday night the rest of us went out for
our annual dinner and Christmas tree search!
The kids played their traditional game
of hide-and-seek among all of the trees.
While Dad looked for a deal!

The tree has to be fat and jolly all the way to the top!

Honey went with us this year 
and found her perfect tree too!

Then on Monday morning we had to
be at the Hospital at 5 am!
Jake was scheduled to have his tonsils
out at 7.  After having strep throat ALOT, 
hopefully this will help.
I think Jake was a little overly excited about the whole process.

The surgery went great...the doctor said that his tonsils were 
I figured we would not do school and maybe take a break
on Tuesday too.  Then get back on track by Wednesday....
Jake has been a miserable little boy.
Only sipping water and gatorade, no eating.
Then finally, today he announced he was hungry...
ate a few bites and then has thrown up 3 times since!
Certainly praying that tomorrow will be a better day :-)

Meanwhile, Anna has taken to doing school in her Pajamas!
Is that okay?? Sure, it's been cold and rainy and 
we have loved being at home!

You would think that will all of this Home-time
I would have the house all decorated for Christmas...
Wrong again...
The house was cleaned
Fall decorations put away
The Christmas decorations brought down from the attic
that's about it!

{table is still full of misc decorations and notice the ferns that were brought
in from the freezing nights...yeah, those should probably find their
way to the basement for the winter :-) }
And, oh yeah, the Christmas tree is still in a bucket on the
front porch! (undecorated)

Hoping the weekend will bring
lots of healing
lots of decorating!