Looking back and Moving forward...

I somehow managed to get sick the day after Christmas and
was forced to spend a few days recovering and 
hiding out in my room. (trying not to share my sickness with everyone else!)

The first hour or so was nice...but it quickly got old!
Mark and the kids were great about keeping the house
running while I was down.  But no matter what, it is not recommended
that you take a housekeeping break right after a Holiday!

But this did give lots of time to reflect over the year that
was coming to a close.  So much has happened.
*3 graduations (8th grade, High School and college)
*Sarah and John got engaged
*Senior class trip to Destin
*everyone home and working for the summer
*25th Anniversary trip to New England
*mission trip to Clarkston
*Moved Sarah to Prattville
*moved Kathryn to Auburn
*moved Mark to Tuscaloosa
*Homeschooling again
*Lots of Birthdays
*had Kirk join us for Christmas

now the decorations are packed away until next year

And we have lots of fun memories

Ralffy the Elf has returned to the North Pole

But not before helping bring us little bit of snow for Christmas!

Enough of Looking back....

Welcome to 2011!!

Only 70 more days until THE WEDDING!!

Looking forward to a year that is completely sold out to the Lord.
It is my desire to be constantly aware of His leading.
I know that He is totally in control of every aspect of my day...
although most days I am too busy to slow down and listen,
or slow down and thank Him for the small stuff.
As I get older, I find myself being evermore thankful for the
tough stuff.  I guess that I have been through enough of it to
be able to look back and see God's faithfulness.
The Bible shows me over and over, God's love and faithfulness to His people.  It is so encouraging to look back and see that same unchanging love and faithfulness in my own life.


  1. LOVE that last paragraph! So encouraging! It looks like you had a lovely Christmas enjoying your family! I'm sure you're feeling much better by now.

  2. Sounds like a very busy year! Love all the pictures! The one of you and your husband as the header is great! Your home must have been filled with lots of laughter over the holidays except for the part about you being sick. I love the picture of your oldest son, Mark, with what I assume to be his girlfriend in the picture with him via laptop! Love modern technology. Praying for you all as the wedding is getting so close. Praying the Lord bless you and your family with beautiful memories through this busy time. Praying the Lord bless your time of homeschooling too. Oneday I would love to hear more in regards to how the Lord has called you to educate your children over the years. Your home looks so warm, inviting, and peaceful! What a gift! Blessings dear friend! ~Deborah


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