Baby it's cold outside!

Yesterday was yet another cold, wintery day.
The kind where we enjoy a fire all day long.
Definitely my favorite kind of day!
Thursdays are "stay at home" days, doing school work,
catching up on laundry before the weekend and doing some
general housekeeping.  Other days are sometimes so busy that it
is great to have a day to play catch up!

Last weekend was so full and fun.
We all traveled out of town to visit John's family and enjoy
a Bridal Shower and a Tea for Sarah and John.
Only 36 more days until the wedding!

Sarah and John with John's good high school friends

 My Girls ~~~ Aren't they Beautiful?!!

Still working to Hide God's word in my heart.
So comforting to have His words spoken to my heart throughout
the busy, hectic days.
So good to be reminded that this life isn't all about me and what i
do or don't do.  Glad to know that we "stand in the righteousness
of another".

Jake likes to eat...therefor he has learned to cook :-)
He doesn't care for sandwiches, he prefers to make his own

We rarely get snow...
But sometimes we get sleet.
He rarely wears shoes...
But occasionally he will wear a coat.


  1. yes! your girls are beautiful! Enjoy this pre wedding time. That last pic is cute!

  2. You have a beautiful family Dana. I hope all the wedding plans will go well , enjoy ! God bless your week . p.s. I really enjoy your inspirational thoughts!


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