changing seasons

FINALLY got some winter weather around here...
just enough snow to make us happy.

Then less than a week later.....
Springtime weather!

These two have been such hard workers.
Painting the fence, getting ready for a wedding!

Now less than 4 weeks until these 2 sweethearts
become husband and wife!

So many special touches...
like this cake topper that will now be on top of
a 3rd generation wedding cake.
(well, a 3rd generation wedding...the cake will be new!)

Valentines was a sweet day made special by 
some really sweet friends.
There were LOTS of flowers around the house!
(guess that happens when you have teenage
girls in the house!)

Looking forward to a busy weekend of 
wedding details.


  1. what gorgeous valentine flowers! I can't believe your weather! I would love to not need a coat! I have spring fever!


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