Getting ready...

A couple of weeks ago we had a very
special wedding in our family.
The wedding took place at a beautiful white church.
The at home!
The plan was to have the reception here, outside, in March.
When you live in the South, March can provide all different kinds of weather. We did alot of planning and alot of praying.

The weekend before the wedding it rained....a lot!!
But the cleaning and preparing and praying continued...

Jake was pressure-washing in the pouring rain.

There was sewing and cleaning going on inside.

The Bride and Groom came home on Tuesday and
were excited to open a few gifts.

Did i mention that it rained a lot??
This was a pitcher that was left on the fence overnight!
That's alot of rain for one night.
But we still had 5 days for it to dry up.

Hard to tell, but the yard was VERY soggy.

Finally the sun came out!

But then it was a little chilly.
Although the weather man was predicting a warm up.

As the preparations continued...the girls and I went out
for some pre-wedding pampering!

The day before the wedding we enjoyed a beautiful
Bridesmaid's Luncheon at Aunt Kay's house.

These are the sweetest most beautiful girls, both inside and
out!  Sarah is certainly blessed with precious friends.

Sweet sorority sisters and college roommates!

The morning of the wedding dad left his only coffee-drinking daughter a sweet little surprise.

And the wedding day begins.....

It was a FABULOUS warm day filled with tons of sunshine!
God certainly does a great job with the details!!

Will post more wedding pictures soon!