Sweet Sixteen

How does 16 years pass so quickly?
How does a sweet little baby girl
suddenly become a beautiful young lady?

Just 3 days after her big sister got married
Anna turned 16.
We are having the hardest time letting this sink in.
Sweet little Anna is only supposed to be...maybe 12!

So many ways to describe Anna...
First and foremost she loves the Lord
Loves her family
Loves her many friends
ALL little kids love Anna and are always drawn to her
She is super creative
Loves to dress up
I can NEVER remember her being in a bad mood
She is always a cheerful helper
She has a purple room
She is a good student but a horrible speller :-)
She is a fast runner, but prefers walking

Anna and Katie have been BFF's for....EVER!

I took Anna and her best buddies on a spend-the-night Birthday getaway!

They laughed alot, ate alot, chilled in the hot tub, played games and stayed up super late.

They even came up with a very interesting hair-do...

Seriously, does it get any better than hanging out with friends??

And then to top off the Birthday celebration....

a Perfect 100 on her driver's license test!

I love you to pieces sweet Anna...don't ever change!

Matt 6:33 is Anna's favorite verse
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things
shall be added to you."


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