Definitely Spring

In one short month we have gone from brown to green.
The grass is green, the trees are green and flowers
are blooming all over.
Other things going on around here have also signaled the season.


Spending more time outside

And baby birds in the bird houses!
Maybe Bama is just standing guard....yeah right!

It has even been warm enough for some after-school swimming
and playing "king of the Pier"
Guaranteed to wear out 5 boys!

This week before Easter has me thinking a lot about what Christ has done for me.
The "sunday school" answer is always..."Jesus died for my sins"
but He did so much more!

He LAID DOWN His life for me.
He knew what was going to happen.
He knew He was innocent.
He knew that suffering was involved.

He suffered so that I wouldn't have to
{not meaning that I will never suffer physically}
He suffered the worst situation ever imaginable...
He took on MY sin and for 3 days He experienced separation
from God.  Because He did this...I will never
have to experience being separated from God.

He CANCELLED my sins....
It is MY sin that keeps me from God, not just sin in general.
He hung on the cross for ME personally.
And not because I ever did anything or would do anything
for Him. 

Just because He loves me.

"In this is love, not that we have loved God but the He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins."  I John 4:10

Jesus paid the Ultimate sacrifice
in order to give me the Ultimate gift!

How can I EVER say thanks...