Grand Opening

15 years ago we moved into our home in the country.
"In the country" meant that we were almost 30 mins from the nearest grocery store!  In fact we were about 30 minutes away from everything.
And MOST days it was so worth it!  I was much more organized then.
For grocery trips, I always carried a 30 gal cooler in my car.  I dropped off kids at school, did my shopping and running errands, picked up kids and returned home several hours later. (hence the need for the cooler)
About 8 years ago, a grocery store was finally built in our growing community.  However, it was not my favorite, but would do in a pinch.
Then about 2 years ago, they built a Walmart!  We're talking convenience now!  But I still ventured out about 10 miles to my "favorite" store for groceries.  This was a little closer and didn't require as much planning.
This was when I stopped carrying the cooler around.
But last week....we finally hit it BIG!  It now takes only 3 minutes to get from my front door to my favorite grocery store!  
The only problem is that I am now an organizational nightmare!
No more planning meals a week at a time, no more stocking up so that I won't have to venture out.  I can now just pop-in anytime that I feel like it! This is possibly going to require some discipline :-)

Anyway...I was definitely there early on the GRAND OPENING day!
They were giving away $25 of free groceries to the first 25 customers!!

Well....say Hello to customer number 25!!