Still waiting on the "Official" wedding pictures...
but wanted to enjoy these little previews. Some taken by the 
Photographer and a couple by a sweet niece.

This was a cute sign that Mark painted for the driveway...
He has always called Sarah...Sissy :-)

A precious moment that Chloe captured during the ceremony.
Mark and Sarah were waiting to enter the church...
Quite possibly my favorite of all

Just a sneak preview of the day!

The wedding was on the first Saturday of our Spring Break.
We took a few days to get things back in order.
And then we got out of town for a couple of days, 
to a favorite little cabin in Mentone.

Everyone enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub.
Watching some March Madness, enjoying the sunsets
and the nearby river.

We were sad that Kathryn couldn't join us....she was at home
making some big bucks working!

When we weren't watching basketball there were quite
a few crossword puzzles being worked!

It was a great getaway and left us all pretty refreshed!

Only about 7 more weeks of school left...can't believe how
quickly this year is passing....I definitely want to savor these sweet days. 

Was listening to a sermon this morning by Tim Keller.  I have to take notes because I must be a slow thinker...If I don't write things down, I forget them before they have time to sink in.

The comment that really stuck with me was this, he said that
"the Bible is not about ME and how I should live....it is about JESUS
and how He lived..."  Hmmm....this has really stuck with me all day.
Sometimes I fall in to just reading the Bible as a book of Helpful Hints.
Do this, do this, don't do that and that. I know this is not right.
I want to always read the Bible in order to KNOW Jesus more, 
I want to understand my sins more, and thus fully understand what He
did for me.  This is so humbling.  I am so glad that God doesn't leave me alone, doesn't let me settle in to being comfortable in my ways...that He is always stretching me and teaching me.


  1. Love your thoughts. That wedding was so pretty. Gorgeous blue color!

  2. oh, congratulations on your daughter's wedding. looks like a beautiful day. that is such a sweet shot of her with her dad waiting to go in. it tugged at my heart in a special way - missing my dad these days. :)

    and really liked your thoughts at the end.. "the Bible is about knowing HIM more!" such a good point!! it sure changes our perspective when it goes from being about us to Him~

    happy thursday to you and your crew! :)


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