Catching up...

Can't seem to stay caught up.
Seems that ever since the wedding in March, we have been on fast
forward around here.

Backing up to Easter...
Fun weekend, filled with family and friends.
Sarah and John spent the weekend in Haleyville.
Austyn came home with Mark.

The night before Easter 
included dinner, a mean game of spoons and
of course,
dying Easter eggs.

Most of the time, boys make silly faces when i try to get a picture
but every now and then
I get a good one!

K was representing her team...
while Austyn showed her feelings on the matter.

Usually Sis wins the annual Easter morning egg hunt...
But with Sis not here, Anna was more than happy to take over the title.

We had a yummy lunch at Honey's after church.
Various cousins were there too.

it was a beautiful day to reflect on the Glory of that first 
Easter Morning...

The wonder and gratefulness of discovering a 
Risen Savior!

To Him be the glory...for ever and ever.