Sometimes you just feel so blessed...
Mother's Day

I have been MORE than blessed with such wonderful children.
5 Individuals...
so much alike...yet so very different.

Each one of them has taught and continues to teach me so much.

To someone without children, it probably seems hard to believe that you
can so totally and FULLY love that many people. 
Children are the best teachers when it comes to learning:
Patience, humility, perseverance, and unconditional love.
They help me understand the Father's Love for me.
But God loves me with a PERFECT love...
I love these children with an imperfect love.
I mess up EVERY DAY.  

I get angry over silly things.
I expect them to think like an adult.
I fail to follow through.
I get impatient.
I jump to conclusions w/o having all of the facts.
I get my feelings hurt.
I get mad over things that don't matter.
I don't focus enough on the things that really matter.

Boy, am I glad that God doesn't love me like that!

I just hope they can see through all of my imperfections and
know that my love for them is completely unconditional in the end.

No matter how they act (or how I act)
I am beyond proud to be their Mom and
I will ALWAYS love them!

May has been a busy month.

time to catch-up again:

FIELD TRIP (AKA business trip for Dad)

The Grand Canyon

Introducing the new kitten to the big dog

Anna found a shady spot outside to do some painting.

Boys playing some basketball.

Summertime is definitely here!