A new school year...

Some years i am ready for Summer to end...
tired of long hot days,
tired of the crazy schedules...
staying up too late...kids sleeping too late
never ending yard work,
ready to get some routine back in our day!

But NOT this year!
Summer definitely didn't last long enough!

We are a full 6 weeks into the school year already
and i STILL wish it was summertime!!
{it still feels like summer outside}

Sarah is back teaching 3rd grade at Daniel Pratt Elementary...
Mark is back in Tuscaloosa...
Kathryn is back in Auburn...
Anna and Jake are at home again and taking lots of classes at Grace.

Anna is staying busy with Volleyball, and classes, and driving everywhere!

She FINALLY got to trade in the suburban for something
a lot more age appropriate!  {and gets a lot better gas mileage!}

Great group of girls!
And they haven't lost a game all season!!

Jake is not so thrilled about not being in school this year.
He is really missing his school friends!
Got to love Junior High!

Although most mornings, this is what i get to deal with....

Catching up on the last few weeks:

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