Fall 2011

We suddenly find ourselves in the middle of Fall.
The days aren't quite so hot..the nights are much cooler.
Fall brings welcomed changes...
a crackling fire, soups, jeans, sweatshirts, football saturdays,
lots of birthdays, hot drinks in the morning, heavy quilts on the beds
and with the cold comes a little slower pace.

Changing seasons don't just happen with the weather...
sometimes you have changing seasons in your life.
Getting older...realizing that some things DON'T really matter
and that other things really DO !
It seems like as I get older, the task of being able to decide
which is which, becomes a little clearer.

Everything comes into our lives for a purpose...
the good and the bad.  Can i see them both as a blessing?
Can i take whatever is currently going on in my life and see that
God can use it for my good?  I think it is hard to do this in the present...
much easier to do looking back on life.  Maybe that IS why God had
the Israelites constantly remembering and recounting what He had done for them.  Looking back makes our vision much clearer.
But how do we handle the present?
Can i give thanks without seeing how things end up?
I have learned that I like to know where my path leads...i don't want to waste time, make mistakes and have to back-track.  But I guess that is where FAITH comes in.  Taking the next step without seeing the whole staircase.  

Sometimes things bloom where you least expect them...
(see the flower blooming from between the rocks --definitely didn't plant that there, definitely didn't even see it growing there)
Sometimes things catch me totally by surprise...both good AND bad.
NOTHING catches God by surprise!  He knew these things would
happen before i could even conceive of them.  So, if He is in control
why do i worry so much? 

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