Christmas 2011

Every year things change...
I am not a big fan of changes but i am learning to adapt.
Learning that changes can be fun.
{and are often necessary}
I am all about traditions...
traditions are what create memories. 
Memories are the things that you hold on to when circumstances change.
I wouldn't trade anything for the memories i have of my
childhood Christmases...a house full of Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles
and Cousins...many of whom i only saw that one day of the year.
Families change and grow and move on...but those
memories will forever be a part of who we are.

Now we are creating new memories...
Things won't always be exactly as they are now...but the 
memories of these days will last a lifetime.

Jake and Anna were the only ones home for tree
decorating this year.  Others were busy with exams.
Jake thought it wouldn't be any fun...
but Anna always makes things fun!

And Jake got to pick his favorite meal...
some really hot
Chicken and Dumplings.

Anna was quick to remind Jake that he is not 5 yrs old
it's not nearly as funny anymore when he dances
around wearing the tree skirt!

After the big kids came home
there was lots of 
movie watching,
basketball playing,
gun shooting
lots of good food.

{Mark looked a little worried that i wanted to try}

Christmas Eve...
Taco Soup 
Gingerbread houses.

I am pretty sure that Jake ate WAY more than he
used for construction. 
He used lots of weapons to make sure no one
stole his candy!

{Anna, Jake, Kk, Mark, Sarah and John}
Sarah said their's was a beach condo overlooking the ocean.
(I think someone is ready for summer!)

Santa got the goodies...
but first he had to deal with that huge fire!

Christmas Day!

The Grown-up table

One of the kid's tables

Lots of family, food and gifts.

LOVED getting to have Sarah and John with us
their first MARRIED Christmas!
They left on Christmas afternoon to head
to the Wood Family Christmas Dinner.

The next day
we went and exchanged gifts with Mom and Dad.
Such a blessing to have so much
family around.