My Daddy...

My Dad celebrated his 70th birthday last week.
It still sounds so strange to me...
I mean, aren't old people 70??
I wonder if Daddy will ever really seem old to me...
Seriously, I can remember helping mom put candles on
a birthday cake for him when i was in 1st grade...
he was turning
Wow! Years really go by fast!

Since we weren't officially celebrating his birthday until Sunday,
I decided to take Daddy to breakfast on his real birthday...
Friday the 13th.  Ha! no bad luck has seemed to
work out just fine for him...he was also born on a Friday the 13th.
We both love breakfast.
We ordered 2 breakfast plates...
i gave him my bacon...and he gave me his eggs!
We ate and then just talked for 2 hours.
What a blessing to enjoy my daddy all morning.

Daddy was born in January of 1942...just a month after Pearl Harbor.
His father was 44yrs old when he was born and his mom was 40.
He had one brother who was 11 years older than him...
so he basically grew up as an only child.  His parents worked a lot and
he never much remembered his brother living at home.
He is a hard worker, loves working with his hands, loves woodworking,loves Alabama football and all kinds of ice cream!
but most of all
He loves his family!

Lots of times, growing up, i didn't obey just because it was the right thing to do...I obeyed because i didn't want to disappoint my dad.
I saw how much it disappointed him when i had to 
"learn things the hard way".

He would get SO mad when i pushed my boundaries...but i
NEVER once doubted how much he loved me.
He used to just laugh and say that i would probably get paid back by having a child just like me...
Yes...just like most times...he was exactly right!

Daddy has several health issues that leave
him quite uncomfortable...
but he RARELY complains.
He keeps on "keeping on"!

He loves the Lord and is most concerned
with making sure his 10 grandchildren
know the Lord too!

When Daddy called me Sunday night to thank
us for coming to lunch...
I said, "well, i hope you had a great birthday!"
to which he replied,
"It's always a great day when family is around!"

i love you Daddy!


JAKE got his first deer on New Years Day.
with his good friend, William.

Mark and Austyn were here for Austyn's 21st Birthday!

This was the same night that 
won their 14th national Championship!
what a great birthday!

Jake is still playing lots of basketball...

And hanging out with friends...