February continues to be warm and beautiful.
Can't ever remember it being so nice...so early.

The first weekend of the month was a busy one.

Mark and I headed to Point Clear for the winter
SIOR meeting.

KK came home to "babysit"
and Jake was more than happy to have her!

The hotel where we stayed was so pretty...
and so very Southern.

REALLY big Oak trees were everywhere...
and brick walking paths for miles.

Shady hammocks...

Even a brick walking path right beside the bay...

On Friday morning Mark had to go to meetings
I had 4 or 5 hours to do whatever i wanted!
I couldn't wait to get outside (even though it was cloudy)
and explore.

the Hotel grounds were beautiful...
the water was so grand...yet so peaceful.
Maybe that's why i love the beach so much...it really
puts things into perspective...makes this brief life seem so insignificant.
How can you stand on the shoreline, surrounded by countless
grains of sand,
stars overhead,
limitless gallons of ocean
possibly think that this is all there is?

After walking for over 2 miles along the shore
i came up on this house
(i was hoping they didn't think i was TOO creepy, taking
a picture of their house!)
it was just perfect.
Nestled in among several huge trees,
lots of cozy porches,
beautiful flowers,
that inviting picket fence
and a
breath-taking view of the bay.
I wonder if they would like to trade houses with me??

This is George.
He was the front door bellman at the hotel.
SUPER friendly and always wore a big 'ol smile.
He learned our names when we checked in and then
greeted us (by name) every time our paths crossed.

The first morning as i was headed in to find a certain cozy
spot by the window to read, he noticed i was carrying my Bible.
He ran right over and gave me a hug!
He said that he just recently found a new life in Christ and was
so happy to see another believer!
What a witness he was to me.

George noticed that i always carried my camera with me...
he offered to take our picture before we left...
he said that he had just the perfect spot!
I think he did a great job!

We came back on Saturday in order to
celebrate Mom's 69th Birthday on Sunday.

We had lunch here after church.
Dad did a great job of planning the whole menu!

I never fully appreciated all that my Mom had done for me...
I became a mom myself!
And i am pretty sure that there are countless things that i did
for which i owe her a big apology!!