Summer's end...

If i ever missed driving the Suburban...
one quick trip to fill-up will certainly cure that!
This was the fill-up
before moving K in at Auburn...

Sometimes Jake and I like to go out for breakfast...
but this morning he was busy arranging some
summer work.

Molly found a new favorite spot to sleep...
it's like a kitty hammock!
Not so good for the fern though.

Tomatoes have been wonderful all summer!
sure am going to miss them

 One last beach trip with Mom and Dad...
Everything was wonderful except for the RAIN!
which then made for a few 
shopping trips.

Nothing wears you out like a day in the pool!

Someone got into the left over brownie bowl....
a chocolate nose was my first clue...

While paying some college bills
I came across this page and had to do a double take...
This is his last year??
guess we survived!!

First day of school....
and our other SENIOR!
(and an 8th grader)

Honey's 75th Birthday!
see her sister at the door...
all the way from North Carolina!
What a sweet surprise...

(and 2 great-granddaughters)


2nd year as room mates!

Looks like someone didn't get the memo
about No Dogs on the Porch!
Sadie...gotta love her!