28 yrs on the 28th

 I haven't been in school for many a few years
but for some reason i still LOVE Fridays!
It's not like my routine changes or anything
Saturday and Sunday still require Mom duties...
But at least everyone is usually home

Right now it's Friday afternoon
The kids are all over the place
kk is visiting Sarah and John
Mark and Austyn are headed to the lake
Anna is out with friends
Jake is napping after having a couple of friends spend the night last night.

The house (well, atleast the downstairs) is clean.
I am waiting on Mark to get home.
Today is our 28th Anniversary and we are going out to dinner.

Yep...i'm loving this Friday.

Also enjoyed a visit from sweet friends today.
The Hayes Family is so dear.
They were traveling from south Florida to Nashville and 
stopped in to say hi.
I must learn to be so intentional, to step out and make
the effort that is necessary to cultivate and grow friendships.
Thanks for your example Kim.

The house was smelling all homey
until the last of my favorite candle burned out.
"Leaves" is the best scent ever!
They only sell them in the fall...so i save up my coupons
and buy as many as i can get away with.
Made it 1/2 a year and I have finally run out.

This is what happens when 3 boys stay up half the night
(3pm Friday afternoon)

Celebrating 28 years being this guy's wife.
The years have been so full.
Raising kids and learning to be completely selfless.
Feels like we have grown up together.
(or maybe i should say "grown old" together)
nah...the best is yet to come!

(1982 high school graduation)