what summer looks like....

We have been out of school for over a month now
but i still feel like i'm trying to find a summer rhythm
It's a delicate balance between staying busy and slowing down
I love that we can sleep in...
(well, actually it's just the kids that sleep in)
but i do love the quiet mornings.

 we were supposed to have a "super moon" a few nights ago
it didn't really look that much bigger than usual to me
but it was beautiful anyway

Got to keep my nieces for a while today
Emily was pretty excited to collect the eggs for me.
She was so confused as to why they were brown...
guess she has never seen anything but white eggs :-)
(i think that she thought they were just dirty)

Fox is always ready to fetch.
sometimes he isn't able to find a "small" stick and
he just makes do with whatever he can find

Austyn just got here today...
these two hadn't seen each other for over a month

It's definitely summer time in Alabama
Bug spray is a NECESSITY!