a very quick catch up....

For some reason, I can't seem to catch up...
every time i look up weeks and months have passed.
Now that we are settling into a school routine...
I am promising myself that i will do better at documenting our days.
This is going to be a picture-heavy catch up!

4th of July Fireworks with friends (and sparklers!)

Celebrating Mark's 49th Birthday
Jake and Anna worked camp for 2 weeks this summer in Georgia
we went for a visit one weekend.

Jake was the only one home for a good bit of the summer.
He took care of a pest that kept eating our bird food.
We made a weekend trip to Atlanta with Jake and Anna.
Anna was about to head to college and had NEVER been on a roller coaster!
well, she has now!  it was an awesome day at 6 flags and she rode everything there was to ride!

we visited the aquarium too

We discovered a leak in our bedroom wall...it was not pretty.

My sweet dad came to help with the repair
The first of August we moved Anna into college
it was a very warm day :-)
This is where the fun  studying will happen!

Anna participated in sorority rush
while Kathryn was a rush counselor
(super fun sister time!)
They were so sweet send me a picture of them together
every morning.

Bid day was such a happy day!

Sarah and John surprised Anna by coming to campus for the day

I love my girls so much!

This girl worked hard all week and was finally glad to see her man
Meanwhile, back at home...a little update

i'm loving the fresh, light color

Summer draws to an end

Football season begins

Jake is quite the lady's man this year...
(he is so cute and has such a kind heart)
He has dates for homecoming at two different schools.

Our baby chicks are all grown up...
a few are even laying eggs now!

Isn't this one beautiful ?!
It's supposed to lay blue eggs...we are still waiting :-)

She is my best friend...the only one that comes to me everytime i am near.

Dixie is growing up too!
(but still a wild and crazy puppy!)
Screen porch decorating...compliments of the wild and crazy puppy

New canvas right outside our bedroom...
makes me smile everytime i go back there!

always rearranging furniture...way cheaper than buying new.
(midway between moving things in and out)

A very common scene in the laundry room these days.