These days...

What is life like when you are used to being the baby of five?
There are always people talk play with...
or even to pick on.
Then one day you look up and one by one they have
all left...and a new phase begins.
It's almost like being an only child.
That's what has happened to this sweet boy!
(of course Mark jr. has moved back home after graduating in the spring,
but he is a working man and is gone all day every day.)
Anna was home from college for the first time...and got to see Jake off
on his first homecoming date.

such a crazy kid....getting some last minute advice from dad

This is an everyday scene in the laundry room

After 10 years, I find myself the main driver again.
Only a few more months and Jake will become my personal chauffer :-) 

Seriously, I wonder how many sack lunches I have made in the last 25 years???
I'm sure it's some kind of guinness record!

Boys like we're not talking cereal!

On Sunday afternoon I talked the boys into going to the farmer's market with me...
they were more than willing (NOT).  But I think they enjoyed it anyway...especially after
they discovered the roasted peanut booth. 
after seeing these beauties...plain old orange pumpkins seem so...plain!
Aren't they beautiful?
(and nothing over $6)

My boys aren't big on sweets.
The homemade pound cake is killing me.
Note to self: don't make so many desserts.
Had a little accident this week.
While cleaning the screened porch my ring got snagged on the cleaning rag.
Thank goodness I heard the stone drop on the floor.
After a frantic search we finally found it.
Maybe I shouldn't do so much house cleaning? you think?

These days are so different from just a few short years ago.
I remember wondering if I would ever get to have a quiet time in the 
morning.  Somehow, no matter how early I got up, those kids just knew
it...and would all of sudden be starving.  I can certainly smile at those days
now.  And every now and then....I actually long for them.  But I can
also embrace where God has me now.  I can now linger in His word...follow
rabbit trails...and spend sweet time praying for these children that He
has so faithfully raised in our home.