Girl time...

Being a wife and mom is an awesome job.
I have to admit that I love my job.
I try to never take for granted the blessing of being
able to stay at home all of these years of raising little ones.
I have so much respect for moms that work outside of the home
AND do this mom job.
(seriously...being a wife...being a mom and working at an office...
that's like THREE full-time jobs!)

I am involved in a Bible Study with 4 women from my church.
We met once a week through out the summer...but had taken a break
for the last month or so while school was starting back up.
We met today for the first time in a while.
I didn't realize how much I missed it!  
We have been studying and discussing various women in the Bible.
The studying and learning has been wonderful.
But I think what I missed the most was the fellowship...
The "Girl Time".

We discuss family situations, share recipes, pray, talk about crafts,
discuss current events, talk about getting older, coupons,girl issues, children
issues ,sales, decorating, doctors, hair products...
you name it...and we have probably discussed it!
Almost every time we start to leave...
someone says,
"wow, this was just what I needed today!"

Even the women in the Bible that we have been discussing each
week..they took time for "girl time".
Mary and Elizabeth, Ruth and Naomi.
I have to imagine that they discussed a lot of the same things
that my friends and I discuss!

I believe that we were created to have this kind of fellowship.
God often stresses the importance of this
fellowship of believers!
You don't have to be a Bible Scholar to get together with friends.
And you certainly don't have to have
the perfect house
the perfect furniture
a spotless clean kitchen
You just need to reach out to women, provide a small snack
(women always love snacks) and a pitcher of ice water will do.
In this age of busy schedules...
you have to really be intentional about scheduling some
Girl Time!

Try it...I don't think you will be disappointed!


For the last few weeks I have been thinking that my trusty
vacuum cleaner was finally dying.  I have had it for almost
12 years.  And 12 years of cleaning up after 5 kids...has
certainly put it to the test.
When it finally refused to even pick up the least little thread on the
floor...I decided it might need a tune-up.  I decided that since it
wasn't working anyway, what harm could i possibly do?

Well...I am happy to say that after an hour of 
unclogging...yuck!  She is back to working like a charm!
Looks like we are back in business for a few more years.

Have you ever been to World Market?  I popped in for second
last week while killing time before picking up Jake.
I had to leave quickly...before I was tempted to spend
money that I didn't have!