Slipping into fall...

Fall is always a little slow to come here in the South
while others are slipping in to cool days, changing leaves
and fall clothes...
we slowly seem to wake up to a cool morning here and there
always knowing that tomorrow may feel like summer again.
However the last week has been glorious.
Cooler days and nights, bright blue fall skies with lots of
puffy white clouds to contrast.
Even though I am NOT a fan of shorter days
(especially darkness in the morning) 
I must say that this fall is proving to be
quite a treat.

Although I have never been a huge fan of Pumpkin Pie,
this Pumpkin pound cake is AMAZING!

My girls are loving the cooler mornings!

Mark and the boys took advantage of the good
weather to get away on a little weekend 
camping trip!

Dixie gets a little excited to go on trips and has been known to jump out if she sees something interesting...
So she had to be tied in :-)   The boys said she loved her first camping trip and did awesome!

Jake is absolutely loving High School 
and fulling embracing all that this age brings!
We are still homeschooling although he does attend a
wonderful Co-op two days a week.  This allows him to be
around some great kids and some awesome teaching.
Our cover school is the best...offering so many opportunities.
(sports, social gatherings, and clubs)
This is the first year that Jake has been old enough to participate
in Homecoming activities.  
His first time to take a "date" to homecoming.
Being the youngest of five, and having 3 older sisters, 
Jake stepped up to plate and showed his friends how it is done!
He asked this sweet friend to be his homecoming date in
such a creative front of all of her friends!
(in this age of cell phones and instagram you can be sure
that this event was well documented)

I'm pretty sure that I remember being a lot more "awkward" at this age!
These kids are so awesome!

Lots of fun being in High School 
but quite a bit of work too!

Spanish is proving to be quite the challenge
(for both of us!)

All of this fun makes for a VERY tired boy lots of days!
Jake stays so busy with full days of school and 
evenings filled with football practice and games.
Some mornings it is just so hard to get going! 
(obviously...his idea of a "clean room" doesn't
exactly match my idea of a clean room!)
But, hey, this is real life here! 
I want to be more intentional to document real life. 
I sure wish that i had pictures of my room when I was in high school.
I'm pretty sure that my idea of a "clean room" has come
a long way since those days.

One of the best things about this time of year
is getting to spend more time outside
(without the usual heat and humidity)
This is one of my favorite spots :-)

Most mornings one of my first stops is the laundry room...
This is the view that usually greets me!
(when you live in the need a great group
of hunters like this bunch!  They are the best pest
control that you can find!)

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.” 
― William Cullen Bryant