Birthday Season...

Every time the seasons change...
I think i comment that "this" one is my favorite!
I am so glad that our creator chose to 
change things up every now and then!
It really makes me appreciate the differences.

the only thing that i DON'T like about changing seasons
is that we all seem to be getting older...faster!
Can't believe my oldest sweetheart just turned...26!
This girl is One of A Kind!
She is so smart and has the kindest heart...
she is sentimental and always thinks of others...doing sweet little
things to make life special.  I am LOVING this time with her
...being privileged to now call her my friend.

Dixie "guarding" the chickens...NOT.

Beauty Berries growing wild in the back yard

One of the last nights of Freshmen Football

LOVE having this one home with me!

When you are the only child home for pumpkin carving...
you get to come up with your very own design!

I love these kids so much!

Everyone was home for an early birthday celebration for Kathryn
Can't believe she will be 22 tomorrow!
Chocolate chip cheesecake
 Fall Sunday Afternoons are some of the best!

Dixie - 10 mos.

Fox - 7yrs

This girl laid her first egg this week...and she was quite proud of it!
Loving this fall weather and the beauty that is all around!


  1. your oldest girl is beautiful.. and i really mean it when i say, you don't look old enough to have a 26 yr old!!!!

    love your dogs - we had a chocolate and yellow lab a few years back and everytime i see a lab i miss those dogs! shayne and i were just talking that maybe {MAYBE} this is the christmas for a puppy. ;)

    gorgeous sky at football! i so enjoy watching ben play but i'm glad the season is done. it was getting too cold to sit outside. haha. now we're on to basketball. my favorite sport and yes, partly because it's played INDOORS!!!

    have a great rest of the week!


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