Seriously...what happened to January??

It seems like just YESTERDAY they were coming home for Christmas break!! what a fun, amazing whirlwind!!  

Now Kathryn has returned for her last semester of college! How does time pass so quickly??

Jake is loving being a freshman in high school!

Basketball season has kept us quite busy....but I must say that it is one of my favorite times of the year!

Road trips to ball games have taken us to Montomery several times this year....where sisters have been able to join us! What a blessing that they love to support each other!

It has been an UNUSUALLY cold winter for us....all-day fires have been a common thing around here!

Friends and Family all showed up for jake's bball game!!

can I just say....I LOVE THESE KIDS SO MUCH!!

It has been a crazy last week of January around here! crazy that it deserves a separate post all of its own! I just looked up and realized that it's already February and needed to get caught up a bit.  As soon as today's ball game is over I will need to document our crazy's a little hint....
(Remember .... We live in the South!)