Southern snow

It started out to be just a regular day.  The weather man called for average snow to the south of us and just a "light dusting" for our area! (Translation: we all get excited and then get zero snow- it happens every time!).  I dropped off Jake and our carpool buddies at their school at 8:30.  No snow.  I went into work at 9:30.  The sky was just spitting a few little "snow specks" (aka Alabama snow).  We all figured that this was our light dusting.  I was in a meeting for about 20 mins and when we came out of the meeting....the whole parking lot was white! Local weather channel still assured us that this would stop any minute.  (Famous last words)  By 10:30 every school in the city had decided to let students out...ALL at the same time!  the roads were becoming ridiculously slippery.  So...mix together unexpected ice covered roads and every school and business closing at the same time...parents trying to get to their kids and realizing that it was impossible in some locations...and things really got crazy!
It took me about 20 minutes to get Jake (this is normally a 5 min trip). Picked up jake and 3 friends whose parents couldn't get there.

  This happened in about 20 mins.

The weather men were now beginning to think we might be in for more than we expected...

     on the way to get the boys....

That road is solid ice....

Cars were sliding in to each other EVERYWHERE! (Remember we are in the south, in a state that RARELY sees winter weather, no salt trucks, no icy driving skills...) The city just came to a screeching were abandoned, people walked home, to friends, to anywhere warm! 

Thankfully, I married a man who is ALWAYS thinking one step ahead...after about an hour of trying to get home (and only moving about 100yds) he called and booked 2 rooms at a local hotel.  This hotel was only about a 5 min drive from the school...but it took us 2 1/2 hours to get there!!  He was finally able to get there from his office and arrived about 10 mins after we did.  What a blessing for us to be together.  Many families in our city were not together.  Thousands of children and teachers ended up spending the night at their schools because parents were not able to get there.  Parents spent the night at work.  People spent the night on the interstate in their cars. I even had one friend who spent the night at her doctor's office! It was crazy!


The next morning we decided to get up early and try to make it home before everyone else had the same idea.  We left my car there and piled in Mark's 4 wheel drive.  The roads were mostly clear except for the many cars that were abandoned along the sides and in the medians.  

Our normally 20 min drive took about an hour...but we made it! So happy to be HOME.

The sun was coming up and the skies were clearing....this meant one thing...the boys had better get outside and enjoy it before the melting began! (Actually temps stayed below freezing that whole a very fun day was ahead!)

We have a very long and steep driveway... Which was covered in an inch or so of ice 

We definitely enjoyed this beautiful winter treat.  Schools were out for a couple more days and then it was a toasty 60 degrees again by the weekend! 

As the sun was setting that evening, we were able to be thankful that family and friends were safe and that friends were able to share in a fun, unexpected day! What a blessing!