Spring Break 2014

EOnce again we have children with 3 different Spring Breaks...this occasionally happens through the years.  One summer, about 11 years ago, we decided it was time to take the family to Disney World.  When you have kids ranging from 3-14 years old...it's hard to choose the best time for everyone.  
We had a wonderful trip...but over the years we realized that the youngest two (who were 4 and 6) didn't remember too much...they were just so young.  This year Mark had a business conference in Orlando right in the middle of Spring Break for these two....who are now 15 and 18.  So we took the opportunity to travel with Mark and take Jake and Anna to Disney.  We had about 4 weeks to plan this little 4 day trip....and turned out just perfect! The weather was amazing and the time with these two was so much fun!

A Disney trip with teenagers is highly recommended! We had so much fun! We walked miles each day and rode every roller coaster that was there....they even obliged me with a visit to the Hall of Presidents! We packed food for breakfast and lunch...lots of yummy PB&J sandwiches! And then we ate in the parks for dinner.  The only thing missing was having everyone there with us!  

We even celebrated Anna's 19th Birthday while we were there! 19 ?? Really?? How can that be?!?