Sweet Summertime

               With school out for summer....I thought the pace would slow a bit.   But really it's just that the activities have changed.   Books and back packed are put away.  

These two headed to Alanta for the weekend.  They went to a braves game and watched an awesome AAU basketball tournament.  And just enjoyed some good time together.  


                    One night the girls fixed us breakfast-for-dinner! One of my all-time favorites!



                         Jake spent a day at the lake in Oak mtn with school friends.


          Lots of rainy afternoons around here lately.  Sometimes I bring in Paula Deen (via iPad) to help me try out new recipes😊


            This stinker LOVES my birdseed....he gets it out of my bird feeder that is "guaranteed" to keep out predictors! Ha!


      We celebrated a Big 50th birthday with breakfast at a new restaurant in town!  We are so blessed with such an awesome, amazing dad!


Kathryn, Mark and I went to Atlanta to visit Jake and Anna one weekend.  They are working at a camp south of town for most of the month.  Of course, we had to make a trip to Ikea! Kathryn found just what she was looking for! 



So proud of Jake and Anna for the work that they are doing teaching summer camp...and teaching little ones all about Jesus.

    Kathryn finally received that phone call that she was waiting to get!  The job offer from one of her top two schools! She's going to officially be a fifth grade teacher!!


    Speaking of jobs...I have now been working part time for almost a year.  Not bringing in a lot of $$...but I sure have learned a lot! I wasn't sure what I would do once most of the kids were out of the house.  I always told the kids that when they were grown...this is where I wanted to work. Sometimes doors open and you find yourself in a really different spot.  I love working part time, I love meeting people and getting out of my comfort zone.  So much for this old mom to learn!