Changes always happen...

You have these sweet little is fun and exhausting all at the same time! Then they grow into teenagers and life becomes a different kind of exhausting! College years are fun (and expensive)....and then the time comes that those sweet little babies have grown in to beautiful, responsible, incredible adults! You LOVE to just be around them...not just in a parenting kind of way...but now in a friendship kind of way! We are experiencing this for the third time now! Kathryn graduated in a job in June and will be moving out this month. I'm over-the-moon excited for her! ....but so sad at the same time. I miss having everyone together.

Kathryn will be teaching fifth grade math in her old college town...about 2 hrs away. The really good thing is that she and Anna will be in the same town. We went down to help her start setting up her classroom last week. She is going to be an AWESOME teacher!!

Even though it's blurry, this is one of my favorites...jake will FOREVER be the victim of a sister sandwich kiss!!

Since Sarah is about to start her 5th year of teaching (how has time gone by so quickly??) she is kind of an expert! And she was so much help! Together these two girls could conquer ANYTHING!!