Family Beach Trip 2014

Family beach trip is probably my most favorite week of the summer.
Partly because I love the beach...but lately it's because I get to have the whole
family together in one place. With two, soon to be three, of the kids out of the house...
this time together has become so precious!
Mark and I both celebrated a big birthday this year...half a century!
For our birthdays Mark arranged to have family photos taken at the beach!
(And no, I don't mean just our usual self-timer photos)
Heather Durham was a photographer at Sarah's wedding and it just so happened
that she was at the beach the same week that we were going! Perfect!
Here's a sneak peak....
My heart is just so full. Each one of these kids is such a blessing!
Beach Week is so much fun. Lots of laughing, no agenda or schedule.
We played lots of games....
Anna and Jake had just gotten back from three weeks of working summer
Camp in Georgia at Camp Covenant. It was a wonderful and exhausting 3 weeks as they
got lot love on over 100 kids and tell them about Jesus.
They had a great time. But apparently Anna brought home more than
dirty laundry. The first morning at the beach found us at the doctor
getting medicine for Strep throat.
After some rest and relaxation she got to feeling better. (Although the week after we
got back, she had a relapse and is on some different meds now)
We did ALOT of reading!
Mark and I celebrated our 29th anniversary this week.
He surprised me with a sunset cruise one night! It was so perfect!

This is where I spent a lot of my time! It was a beautiful week and
the time with the kids was wonderful. There isn't anything better than all kids under one roof!
Mark jr only got to stay a couple of nights because he had to get back for work.
But the rest of us stayed the whole week.
We did decide to leave late Friday night (instead of early sat morning) in order
to avoid crazy traffic on the way home.
And after a perfect week of sunny weather poured on us most of
the way home. But who cares if it rains on the way home?!?