Back in the Routine

In the Spring, I am always eagerly awaiting summertime so that we won't have to get up every morning and rush out the mind and body are conditioned to be ready for a summer break! But just a few short months later, I often find myself craving some routine again! Isn't it amazing how the seasons just work out so perfectly!? This year summer seemed to come to an end way faster than usual...not sure why that is. I just looked up and we find ourselves already several weeks into the school year! I love fall and I know those seasonal changes will be showing outside in just a few more weeks. But for now it still feels like full-on summer! Typical heat and humidity when you live in the southeast!





....and another school year begins.....
Jake is starting 10th grade! And can probably tell you exactly how many days until he turns 16!

We moved Anna back to college- starting sophomore year.

And moved Kathryn to the same town to begin her first year of teaching.

Love these girls so much!!

jake loves to get chick-fila on the way to school

He is seriously growing up right before my eyes!
And would not let me get a first-day-of-school picture--this is the best I could do.

headed to football practice

Such a cutie


Jake is so blessed with a wonderful group of friends!

I am so thankful for like-minded friends

This years homecoming date.

Sweet siblings that came to Jake's ball game.

Love how they support each other!

Jake went to six flags with last memory for the summer of 2014

Mark jr is currently in Europe for two weeks. He has been saving for this trip for over a year. I'm so excited for him and love that he wants to travel.

Praying for his safety every day and night. Such a strange feeling to know that one of my babies is so far away.

I'm excited for this coming weekend...we are headed to our favorite college town to join Sarah and John at the football game. Since they live and work an hour away we don't get to see them as often as I want to! So I love it when I get to be with them no matter what we do!




















  1. Hi Dana! Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the blue glass vase/tomato's home-art-still life! Praying that God will bless your precious children as they move into a new school year. Have a good week, sister-in-Christ! ~Shanda


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