She said yes!

Kathryn and Jackson have been dating for almost 5 years. So Jackson has already become a part of us...he's been here through weddings and graduations and birthdays and lots of moving trips to college. We all love him. This weekend he asked Kathryn to marry him...and we couldn't be happier!

He planned a perfect proposal. Since playing on the football team at their college last year...he had some "connections" and arranged to take her into the football stadium on a weekend when there was no game. They walked all around marveling at how big and quiet it seemed with no people. They walked to the center of the field and he got down on one knee.

She says that she was completely surprised and didn't see it coming!! This is quite a feat for Jackson to have pulled off because Kathryn is very perceptive! (Some call it snoopy---she doesn't miss much!)


After the proposal they came back to Kathryn's house and joined family and friends for a surprise engagement party!




College friends all came from out of town!

Sisters and their men!
These sweet roommates are such a blessing!


Jackson's sweet family

Of course we made them tell the story of their day!

They have already been doing a lot of planning in the few weeks since this fun day. They have chosen May 30,2015 as a wedding date.

We can't wait to welcome another son to the family!



  1. Thanks Shanda! It is certainly a blessing to welcome this Godly young man into our family! I'm sure you will get to experience this fun soon enough! (and many times over!)


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