Fall 2014

Time just keeps on speeding by...hours, days, weeks, months,years.
I keep reminding myself to cherish every little moment...

Last month we spent a fun day looking for Bridesmaids Dresses.
It really is a treat when you have two sisters who look beautiful
I love these girls SO MUCH!

Wasn't it just summer a minute ago??

I can't believe that football season has come and gone already...
wonderful undefeated season for these guys.  (well, accept for that final
game :-( ).  Jake injured his elbow and had to miss the last couple of games. But it is all healed now and ready for Basketball season.

 I can't believe that my oldest "baby" is now 27! 
Didn't we just bring her home from the hospital??
Such an AMAZING young lady!

 Mark and I took a little Fall Getaway trip.
He is so wonderful to plan these little much needed getaways for us.
Of course, it is WAY easier to do now that the kids are older...
note to self: help my kids have get away weekends when they have little babies...it does wonders for your marriage!

First stop...Country Living Fair.
One word - Amazing!

Several years back we made this same "getaway" trip.  We just happened upon this farmers market along the highway.  we stopped in and bought apples and snacks for a light lunch.  That was one of my favorite parts of that trip...so we had to revisit on this trip! What a gorgeous fall day!

Fresh picked Honey Crisp apple and kettle corn! yum!

The trees at home had not even begun to change...but the trees here in the mountains...wow!

We hiked up to a spot on the mountain to watch the sunset...

it did not disappoint!

The next day we hiked up to another spot with a FABULOUS panoramic view!
and amazingly we were the only ones there...we just sat and talked for the longest time.

we came back to town and had a yummy lunch outside under these beautiful reds umbrellas!  (and mark checked in at the office)

at night there was a fire pit and lots of time to just enjoy being together

we loved this little Market Grocery and Deli...
they had the best Breakfast around

It's amazing what just a couple of days can do to refresh and reconnect.
yes, we are married. yes, we spend every night together...but sometimes you just need to get away from the daily routine and BE together.

I had the biggest crush on him at 17...
and i still do!!