Catching up ... again...

I don't know why I can't seem to keep up with posting...
I like to blame it on our super slow internet...but it's probably more 
due to not making it a priority these days.  But I WANT this
to be a priority.  This is where I take note of the small (and large) things that happen in our lives...I'm a firm believer in creating memories!

In November, we celebrated 2 Birthdays!

Kathryn turned 23!  Since her Birthday fell on a Wednesday and that is the only day that Jake doesn't have basketball practice...we were free to travel to Auburn and take her to dinner!  Kathryn's favorite Birthday Cake has always been Chocolate Chip Cheesecake! So I made that and took it for dessert.
We had a fun dinner...filled with friends and lots of laughter!
Kathryn is just several months into her "grown up" job.  She graduated college in May and started teaching 3rd grade in August.  We are so, so proud of her!

My sweet sister got to go out of town on a business trip and
for the second year in a row I got to keep her sweet girls!

Emily and I played battleship...I loved this game when i was a kid...and I still loved it!  For a 3rd grader, Emily is a great strategist!

We also did some fun crafts and made some Christmas ornaments for their tree!

The fall colors this year seemed a little late in coming...
but once they turned...they were fabulous!
Even on a cloudy day, our driveway was spectacular!

They are currently making a movie in our hometown.  The producers are two brothers who are from here.  Wonderful Godly young men who are having some great success.  They have produced two movies before this...both of which I highly recommend.  October Baby and Mom's Night Out.  Good, clean, wholesome movies.  Anyway, they needed some "extras" for this new movie.  Jake and several friends went and helped out one night.  What a fun experience!

My handsome boys.
Luckily these guys all got to go to the 
Alabama-Auburn game this year!
(so happy that we came away with a win this year)

Anna brought a sweet friend home from college for the weekend.

November was a cold month for us.  
So we had several all-day fires.
One of my favorite things!

We also celebrated Jake's 16th Birthday!
My fifth and final time to make a trip to the local DMV.
Jake is an awesome driver...he has driven me everywhere for the last year.

It was a cold morning...and you have to get there ridiculously early.
While several kids waited in line...the parents (myself included) waited in their cars.

And...we have a new driver!! Passed with a 96!

(funny side note...after completing your driving have to park your car and go inside to get your temporary license.  Jake took the test in my car because that was the car he had driven the most.  After getting his license we headed to the car all smiles...only to find that my car wouldn't start!  So glad that it decided to start just minutes earlier for his driving test.  Thank you Lord!)

First trip as a new driver.
He really didn't have anywhere to I suggested that he go grab us
some lunch.  Remember, when you just got your driver's license and you're dying to'll go anywhere!

Definitely bittersweet to see my baby drive away for the first time...

Since his birthday fell in the middle of the week...his siblings weren't able to come from all over for his birthday we invited a few friends and went out for pizza!  Jake is blessed with a wonderful group of friends! 

Chocolate on Chocolate Birthday Cake for Jake

Sweet Anna came home from school for Thanksgiving Break...
and brought the flu with her this time!
After spending a couple of days quarantined in her bedroom...she came down while everyone was at Honey's for thanksgiving lunch.
She and I had a cozy little Thanksgiving Meal for two.

Only four more months until Kathryn and Jackson's wedding!
They had engagement photos made the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
Wow!  They turned out amazing!  I will post a few more after we get the finished products.

I often find little "photo treats" on my phone...
Thanks..Jake and KK.

Christmas tree shopping on Iron Bowl day.

Sarah and John also got to go the game!
Aren't they so cute!?

Now begins the most wonderful season of all.
I love the decorating and the cooking and family get togethers.
But most of all,
I love the best present ever given...

 "For unto you is born this day in the city of David ,a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11


  1. You have a gorgeous family!! I just loved looking at every photo. You have a blessed and full life. :)


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