Christmas 2014 - part one

The anticipation of Christmas is almost my favorite part of the season
The decorating and planning and anticipating being with family
When the kids were little we used to try to do it all...visit
both sides of our families on Christmas day.  
It was fun and exhausting.
As our family grew and grew...this soon became too much.
So about 15 years ago we decided to swap up each year.
This allows us to FULLY enjoy the family that we are sharing
Christmas Day with.  
This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Mark's family and
Christmas with my family.  As Mom and Dad have had some health issues in the past year, we decided to have Christmas at our house this year.

Since Sarah is married...she and John have done the same thing. One year with John's parents and one year with us.
This was our year!
So we got to enjoy ALL of our children here for Christmas Eve 
and Christmas Day!

With Kathryn getting married in March...we will add a new family to our 
ever growing family.  I know that Kathryn and Jackson will also have to make their own traditions surrounding the holidays.  Of course, I would love to have ALL of my kids here for ALL of the holidays...but that would be a bit selfish.
I want my girls to love their husbands family just as they do ours. we continue to add these wonderful spouses...I realize that the years
of having everyone sleeping under one roof on Christmas eve will become
harder and harder...making this year even more precious!

Mark's parents gave us this beautiful Nativity set just a couple of years after we were married.  It is probably my most favorite Christmas decoration.

This dining room table, china cabinet and buffet all belonged to my great grandmother.  Up until she died, when i was 13, we always went to her house for Christmas each year.  I can vividly remember this time.  Many aunts, uncles and cousins...some that i only saw this one day a year.  I don't think that i ever actually ate at this i was usually at the "kid table".  
But I sure do remember seeing sweet family seated around it.

Jake was pretty excited to have these two sweet sisters home for Christmas.
(Anna is home from college and KK is home from her new teaching job)

Christmas Break was also Big Time Wedding work time.
We got lots of details worked out.
Kathryn and Jackson spent a couple of days finalizing the guest
list and getting all of the addresses.

Lots of baking happened.
These are ritz crackers filled with peanut butter and marshmallow creme
then dipped in chocolate...a perennial favorite!

This little train ornament is one of my VERY favorites...
it is the first ornament that Mark and I bought after getting married.
(see that it has "1985" written on it)
This summer will be our 30th this is the 
29th year that we have placed this sweet little ornament on our tree.

It has been a very rainy few weeks around here.
Seriously, I think that Christmas day has been our only sunny day for weeks!
For some reason, when it is rainy..our internet is slow as..well...Christmas!
So I will have to run up to the local coffee shop to upload more photos...
therefor making this a "two part" post.


  1. I find it hard not always being able to have both adult daughters home for Christmas ... our oldest is married ... but understand at the same time that this can no longer happen every year.


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