Christmas 2014 - part 2 (finally!)

Finally getting around to finishing up my Christmas post.
Living out in the country has SO MANY advantages...but
sadly to internet is NOT one of them.

Several years ago I bought a beautiful Christmas puzzle on sale really cheap
after Christmas.  I packed it away with our decorations.  The next year I pulled it out and placed it on the coffee table in our kitchen sitting area.  Wasn't sure if anyone would even open it.  But, guess was a hit!!  It was something that we could leave out and different kids would wander in and out and work on it randomly.  When someone got tired or frustrated, there was always someone else who would sit down and give it a go.  So now I am constantly on the look out for the next Christmas puzzle. The goal is always to finish the puzzle by Christmas eve.  I now cover them with Mod Podge and then put them in a simple frame.  I definitely need to start giving them away to the kids as they move out.  Good Christmas decoration with a lot of good memories too.

My parents always host a Christmas Eve Breakfast.  A personal favorite...considering my favorite meal is breakfast!!

(mom and my sister)

After Christmas eve Breakfast we all went over to visit, Honey (Mark's mom) since we would not see her the next day.

While most of the girls and I were inside doing some last minute cooking, the boys went down to the pond to shoot some sporting clays. 

Christmas Eve dinner is always Taco Soup
(it's easy and everyone likes it!)

Everyone in their new Christmas pj pants

Christmas Morning!
From the looks of those stockings, it seems that
Santa came once again.

Christmas Lunch with my side of the family this year.

The kids table

The adult table


Me and my siblings. 
I love these two so much!
(but when did we get so old??)


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