And then we were NINE...

Just 10 short years ago
we were a family of seven...
and everyone lived under one roof.

and then
this happened...

and then we were a family of EIGHT!

and then last month
it happened again!

We were growing once again...
For 6 months we had been planning and anticipating...
The wedding was at Faith Presbyterian Church
and the reception was at home.

The day before...
Tents and lights went up

Sister time at the nail salon

We rehearsed at the church

He dropped her off at home for the last time
as his girlfriend

The Big day

Signs were all ready...

We don't have wedding photos back yet
but these are a couple that the sweet 
wedding photographer posted on instagram...

and so...
now we are a family of NINE!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations on another addition to your beautiful family!


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