Another Basketball Season in the books

I'm pretty sure this was our 15th consecutive year
of Basketball! With each of the kids playing several
years, we have definitely spent some time in the gym.
But we love it!
Mark just finished his 3rd year coaching Jake's team.
This year Mark Jr. also coached.
Next year Jake moves up to varsity...
and Mark gladly retires to the bleachers with me!

Considering the fact that Jake grew 7 1/2 inches last year,
he was able to enjoy a very fun year!  When you are shorter, you learn to handle the ball...then if you grow tall AND have ball handling tends to be a very successful combination.
Jake made the "All Conference" team.

Then he also made the "All Tournament" team.
I am so proud of his hard work.

Boys always like to stand on their toes....

Which usually leads to a challenge....
to see WHO is really taller!
Pretty close boys!

I sure do love these kids!!