Easter and Spring 2015

I'm pretty sure this has been the cloudiest and rainiest beginning to a year ever!
It seems like we have had about 5 sunny days since Christmas.
I have decided that I must be "solar powered" because the dreary weather just drains me!

Belle has been growing like a weed!
(must be all of that rain!)

I just had to document ONE of those few sunny days.

One of the best things about holidays is that the kids are
all home from school...I love hearing a playroom full of laughter and chatter.

Dying Easter eggs is an annual event that can't be missed.

Easter morning, before church, egg hunt

This year's winner!
(it was Jake's first year to win!)

It was a first "married" Easter for these two!
Also celebrating 2 weeks of marriage

Kathryn and Jackson went to church with the Thomas's
Sarah and John stayed at home this year
(and who can blame them...)
(they had traveled 9 weekends in a row with all of the weddings and such)

So we just had these 3 sweeties with us for church and
lunch at Honey's

Now the countdown begins for the end of the school year!
It's STILL my favorite time of the year!