weddings, parties and exciting news

Maybe I will catch up before the year is over...hopefully.

In May my sweet sister got married at our house.
It was a beautiful and fun day.

Also, in May, Sarah and John made a surprise visit one weekend...

They brought very exciting news....

They let us know that they were expecting!!
of course, we were so excited and so grateful for such a blessing.
We had to keep it a secret for almost a month because they wanted to wait until they had another doctor visit and they wanted to wait until everyone was together to break the news.
After the first doctor visit they learned that not only were they blessed with a healthy pregnancy...but they are also having TWINS!

Mark and Brook had a wedding shower in town (which also happened to be the day before we all left for a vacation at the beach)...Since everyone would be together that was decided that it was a good time to let everyone know.  AFTER the celebration for Mark and Brook.

So once we were all back at our house after the party...

Sarah told everyone that she had them all a little treat for the beach (she has done this several times no one thought it was suspicious).  They all opened their "treats" at the same time.  She had made everyone a water bottle for the beach with their name on it.  Only it wasn't just their said AUNT Anna, UNCLE Jake, etc!!  It took just a short little minute for everyone to catch on! They were all so excited!  But INSIDE the cup she had placed two little gummy bears...of course it was Kathryn who was the first to figure that part out.  She said "wait..are you having TWO babies!?"  And then they were excited all over again!!! it was such a fun night!  And I was so glad that everyone knew now and I didn't have to keep it a secret!  

It was a VERY big summer for Sarah and John...
Not too long after they found out they were expecting..
they also became homeowners for the first time!

They weren't moving in until AFTER the beach trip...
so on our way to the beach we made a stop to see their 
new home!

This was a few weeks later on move in day.

It's looking like the beach trip will need to be a post all on it's own, so I will end here.  May was a very exciting month.  Up next is the family beach trip in June and Mark and Brook's wedding in July!